Frequently Asked Questions

Let's see if we can clear this all up...

How does this thing work?

Great question! When you first show up to Boardwalk Cafe and Games, come on up to the counter and we'll get you set up in our system. We operate on a tab based system where you start with a $5 cover fee to play as many games from our library as you want for as long as you like! While you're here, you can order something to eat or drink and we'll bring it out to your table. At the end of your visit, come back on up to the counter to settle your tab and you are good to go!

Why do I have to pay cover?

Another great question! Your cover charge goes towards maintaining and growing our board game library. Board games are expensive and we had to buy them all for you, we've got to cover that cost somehow.

Absolutely! Not only can you reserve tables but we can reserve games for you, if you're looking to play one in particular.
All you have to do is call 604-850-0426 or email and let us know who, how many, when, and which games!

Can I make a reservation?

What about if I'm not playing games? Do I still have to pay cover?

Nope! Come on in and enjoy one of our baked goods or a coffee and hang out! We just ask that you be courteous to those around you who might want to play games and, if we're full, we might ask you to make some room at your table for those who are paying cover.

We sure do! You can purchase reloadable gift cards in store and online! To buy an e-gift card, simply click here!

Do you sell gift cards?

Can I bring my own game in to play?

Yeah, of course you can! We just ask that you still pay the cover fee.

On alternating Sunday nights, we’ve partnered with a local meetup group to solve this very problem! They get together to play all sorts of games and are open to having you join them!

We just ask that you preregister to the event, which you can find here!

What about if I don’t really have anyone to play games with?

Why don't you have *insert game here*?

Some games are trickier to get a hold of than others. We're doing our best to get what we feel are the most popular games out there. Unfortunately, some popular games are sold out from our distributors or are out of print.

We are trying to add games frequently and you can help us decide which ones to get next! At Boardwalk, we have an ongoing democratic process where you can cast your vote on which games we should get next! Come on in and let us know what you want!

How do you organize your games?

We organize our games into five categories that we think best delineate them. They are as follows:

Small Games
Small games, as we call them, are games that are quicker to play, quicker to learn the basics of, and don't take up too much space.

Two Player Games
One of the most frequent questions we get asked is “What’s a good game for two people?” Well, now we’ve got a whole section to answer this question. Take a look at what’s on these shelves and find the perfect game for your next two person outing!

Light Strategy
This is where most of our games live and it’s really quite a broad category.
Light strategy games are not too complex to learn but require a bit more time to play and master. These games are great for getting friends into tabletop gaming or for playing with kids aged 10 and up.

Medium Strategy
Strategy games require a bit more attention to detail than the lighter fare. It might be best to have someone in your group who knows how to play already or bring a big bag of patience with you as you endeavour to learn.

Heavy Strategy
These are the heavy hitters. Best to come with a good knowledge of how these games work. Also, come with a good few hours to spend as these ones can be quite long.

Family Games
Family games provide a good balance of strategy and straight up fun! This category also includes most of the classic games as well as some of your new favourites. These games are great for kids!

Party Games
So you like to party, eh? So do these games! They're great for friends who aren't too familiar with games or who just love to laugh! Got a big group? Grab one of these and have a great time. Beware; some can be a little not-safe-for-work.

What about my kids? Do I have to pay $5 for each of them?

We have a special kid's rate of $2.50 per kid 12 years old and under! 5 and under is free when accompanied by an adult! How awesome is that?! We want to make it as easy as possible for your kids to fall in love with board games and we try and have great games for kids and families to play together.

Just keep in mind that we don't provide child supervision.

No. We sell lots of great snacks, sandwiches, and baked goods. As such, we ask that you not bring any outside food or drink.
That being said, exceptions can be made for cakes in the case of a birthday or special event. Just make sure to bring in your own forks and plates.

Can we bring snacks with us?

Can I rent your space for an event?

Yes! We don’t typically rent out our space during regular operating hours, however. That being said, we’ve rented our space out to film crews, flower shops, and financial aid departments of universities. Let’s make something work!

Email us to inquire!

Yes! We now have a small section of retail games. We can also order games from you by request. 

Do you sell games?