We believe that tabletop games can be more than just fun and games. We believe that they can create an engaging space to learn and practice a variety of learning and life skills for students of any age.
We’ve had the opportunity to partner with teachers and educators to bring tabletop games into their classrooms to help them, and their students, see how games can be effective tools for learning and development. We have also used games as a means to teach stress management and self-regulation skills. We wholeheartedly believe that tabletop games are an incredibly versatile tool for teaching just about anything you can imagine!

Take a look, below, at what we can do and to ask us for more information.


Classroom Visits

The easiest way to get table top games into your classroom!
We’ll bring a showcase of games that we know students love and that provide meaningful learning experiences. Whether you want them to practice math skills, collaboration, strategizing, or social interaction, we have games that can do that and more!
Have specific outcomes in mind? Let us know and we can cater the experience to your goals. We’ll bring enough for 30+ students and be able to teach them in relatively short periods of time.



Have a group of educators that you feel would benefit from being exposed to the idea of games in the classroom?
We jump at the opportunity to share some of our expertise on how games can enhance learning and which games are the best at teaching a variety of skills that you’re already teaching them.
We think that games are exceptionally powerful tools for educating and we want to help teachers find the best ways to use them with their students.
You come to us or we come to you, your choice!


Field Trips

Want to bring your students to us?
We can hold 50 people and have over 350 games. We’ll spend some time introducing some games that can enhance the learning experience and give them an opportunity to practice skills that you’re teaching them in the classroom.
If you want, we can have our coffee bar open for your students to buy some drinks and snacks.
How excited do you think your students would be to spend part of their school day at a Board Game Cafe?
They might not even realize that they’re learning…

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