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Keyforge: Sealed Tournament


Come and show off your Keyforge skills or just learn how to play! This is a casual sealed event where all players start with a deck they've never played before and face off to see who can have the best record after 5 games.
Tournament fee included in the price of a deck!
Don't know how to play Keyforge? Come a bit early and one of our friendly staff will get you all oriented!

Keyforge, the new unique deck-battling game from one of the minds behind Magic: The Gathering. Each deck is a unique combination fo games from 7 different houses, or factions. Use the creatures and artifacts in your deck to gain enough amber to forge keys. First player to 3 keys is the winner. A sealed tournament is a format where each participant uses a brand new deck, that they've never seen before, and try and prove that they're the most capable at the game. This format allows players of all skill level to have a, mostly, fair shot at being competitive.

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